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Meet your Business Partners 

Combining specialist expertise with practical business insight.

We get it: you got into business because you wanted financial freedom and flexibility for your lifestyle. And yet there are continuous roadblocks, setbacks and lessons learnt the hard way that are holding you back from the success you set out for.

We know because we’ve been there too.

We’ve experienced first-hand the challenges that keep business owners up at night. We’ve owned our own business and run large teams in the corporate sector. We’ve been through the highs and lows that come along with working with both customers and employees.

But, we also figured out what it takes to truly get the best out of a business, and in doing so, achieved strong profits, cashflow and peace of mind.

Now, as your personal business advisors, we want to help you do the same.

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Experience you can trust

Our technical skills and advice might come backed by the weight of professional qualifications and expected industry standards, but it’s putting them to use in the real world that has given us the insight and understanding needed to help others gain more efficiency, more profit, and ultimately more freedom.

There are smarter ways to achieve success in your business, and it starts by having the right support and specialist business advisors around you. 

Where our passion lies is working with business owners who are ready to ditch the excuses and take control of their own success. Whether it’s to maximise business potential, achieve sustainable results or to plan for a future on your terms, we can help.

Our focus is freedom

The overall aim of our business is freedom – freedom for us, to work with who we choose and when. And freedom for you – to have more time to do whatever it is that’s most important to you.

Freedom also inspired the name behind 5th Green. The 5th Green of the Grange Golf Club is a place where childhood memories were made. With his grandparent’s home backing onto the green, it was here that Paul’s grandfather taught him to play golf, kick and pass a rugby ball, collect pine cones for the fire and practise for school cross country races.

The 5th Green is a nod to those good times, and to our desire to help others free up their time to make their own happy memories with the people who matter most to them.

If you’re ready to step things up in your business, let’s chat.

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to you.”

Meet the team

Paul Seagar

Growing up in South Auckland, my parents supported me in doing whatever I wanted but firmly believed in hard work. It’s an ethos that I’ve carried throughout my life, as I built a career as a Chartered Accountant and Corporate Treasurer. After working in London for several years, I returned to New Zealand and, after much searching for the right opportunity, purchased an Auckland-based scaffold company. Despite knowing little about the industry and having in excess of 100 competitors in Auckland alone, I was able to transform operations to grow revenue by more than 60%, shift staff morale and support others in their own professional and personal growth.

While my professional background gives me a sound financial perspective, it’s this hands-on experience that I believe sets me apart from other business advisors. I love square-peg-round-hole scenarios where I am given free rein to come up with the solutions and options. And while my advice is pragmatic, I take a down-to-earth and relatable approach, with the ability to engage with people right across an organisation. No jargon, no ego, just straight-up practical solutions. I love watching these ideas being turned into reality and seeing both businesses and individuals grow.

Ultimately, as business advisors our aim is to help others get their heads out of their paperwork and get their ‘life’ back so they can enjoy the results of their hard work. That’s because I have a life away from the office that I enjoy, too. Whether it’s taking my kids to their Saturday sports games and watching them excel with their own interests, enjoying a barbecue or watching a rugby game with friends (while reminiscing about my own playing days!). 

I started 5th Green to fill the gaps in an SME’s management structure and act as a sounding board so owners can feel confident in the decisions they make too – for both a balanced business and a better life.

Sheree Jaggard

You might expect that as an experienced commercial lawyer, I keep things pretty analytical. However, my strength is, in fact, in being creative. I enjoy finding a happy middle ground where both sides work together to find a good compromise. Negotiations can be tough, but I love the challenge they bring. It sounds simple, but people are more inclined to say ‘yes’ when you ask nicely. So I always start there.

As 5th Green’s legal advisor, I assist with the compliance and regulatory requirements of purchasing, selling or restructuring a business, along with helping to manage day-to-day or project-specific risk. I was previously an integral member of a well-respected executive team that successfully grew and sold the business into a private equity controlled ownership (with personally held shares) and then managed the successful exit back into corporate ownership six years later. This means I am well aware of the requirements (both legal and commercial) for a profitable sale with minimal risk. 

After returning to New Zealand from time spent in the UK, I worked alongside Paul and played an instrumental role in the growth and success of our scaffolding company, before its profitable sale in 2019. I know firsthand that starting or buying a business is a big decision, not just for your career or your financial situation, but also for your family and your lifestyle. Like you, we wanted our own business so that we could have more time and flexibility for the things that matter most to us. For me, it’s watching my kids play sport, volunteering for their school fundraisers and initiatives, walking our dog, Sherlock, keeping fit and active, experimenting with new recipes in the kitchen and indulging in my love of sci-fi books.

As part of 5th Green team of business advisors, I’m excited to now help others achieve both a lifestyle and a business, on their terms.

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What Our Clients Say…

“Paul has proven an invaluable business partner in helping Accelerate analyse and develop growth opportunities.  His wealth of business experience and accounting background gave us the confidence and understanding to confidently plan for the future.”

Scott Campbell, Director – Accelerate Consulting Ltd