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Business Search & Selection

Buying a business is a big decision, and one that requires a significant investment of capital.

First though, you need to find a business that fits what you’re looking for. It makes sense that you’d want to enlist the help of a business advisor who can help you make sense of the marketing speak in Information Memorandums, pull out key commercial details and understand the small print to ensure you get the right match.

buying a business in nz

Understanding your needs

When buying a business, the easiest way to identify the right opportunities is to have a checklist of criteria to work against. We offer a personalised service where we take the time to understand your needs and requirements for the type of business you’re looking for. This takes in to considering aspects such as budget, location, industry skill sets and desired income.

Succession planning

Where do you see yourself in 5 years? Or 10? Your goals for the future could impact on what type of business opportunity best suits you. With a clearer picture of where you’d like to be, we can help you narrow down the search for suitable options.

An expert at hand

We’ve ‘been there, done that’ with buying a business. We can probe prospective opportunities, review Information Memorandums and offer recommendations with a pragmatic perspective to ensure you’re best set up for future success.