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Dashboards and Reports

At 5th Green we’re passionate about the power of data and the insights it provides into your business.  Take a look below at the dashboard we created for a fictitious scaffold company.  When you’re done, why not take a read on our thoughts on why data is so important for a business:  Is your business a Data Mine or a Data Desert?

Click into and through the interactive reports to see the data update for you. Use the filter option at the top of each page to drill into data you want to focus on.

Best viewed in Landscape if viewed on a phone. Click the full screen arrows in the bottom right corner of the dashboard to expand its size.

5th Green builds reports and dashboards similar to this for many of its clients.  By combining the data held within systems right across your organisation, we help you achieve the deeper understanding that all owners and decision makers require.  And that’s what you want, because that’s where the gold lies.

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